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What some kind people have said, with almost no bribery:

The first man I think of when people ask me “do you know any great designers who can help me with my new project?” Joby can make things, draw things, design things, invent brands, come up with ideas that nobody else can come up with, and does so in a charming, humble and collaborative way.

Dan Germain
Head of Today,

Joby has designed some of my very favourite covers and illustrated books from Richard Corrigan’s The Clatter of Forks and Spoons to Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Sicily. I love his pared back, restrained style and perfect taste and only wish that he would be able to design books for 4th Estate more often.

Louise Haines
Director of Publishing,
4th Estate

Joby is one of the most gifted designers and thinkers of his generation. He has solved very difficult problems for my brands and he has made it look so simple. I am almost reluctant to say nice things about him because he just gets busy, and so I can’t have the pleasure of working with him when things need doing.

David Hieatt
Hiut Denim Co., Do Lectures